About Denis Ribas

Denis Ribas is a landscape artist.

He started as an Impressionist, as he painted only outdoors, on site, without any touching ups in the studio. He used pure colors applied by the brush.

His theme was Provence landscape. Later, renewing with its Catalan origins, he broadened his horizon and went past the landscapes of Ceret, his hometown. His paintings are often compared with the work of Vincent van Gogh, because of the subject, Provence, and also because of the way Denis uses a strong palette of colors, with sharp contrasts, and vigorous brush strokes.

As the years went by, the painter evolved, moving away from the figurative landscape to a more personal and more expressionist style, like the paintings of the discovery of South of France by André Lhotte Using a violent chromaticism, his paintings recall the fauvism young Georges Braque’s landscapes, which are no longer associated with nature itself, but with the feelings of the artist in front of its beauty or its violence.

Denis Ribas likes to paint in extreme situations, as a challenge. His goal is to capture "the thread of Mother Natures’s light".

For the past ten years, this self-taught artist has succeeded in inventing his own language, on his canvases always luminous. On the one hand, the landscape seems to close on itself, the skies are narrowing more and more, occupying now a small part of the canvas. But on the other hand, the ground, the earth, the shadows projected unveil an abstract expression in the foreground with large strokes of thick and broad touches. The trees are often vigorous, cut, sinuous, architectural, and ground with a long touch of the brush. They attract the gaze of the passerby towards the ray of light that pierces to the far end of the landscape.

Even if Denis Ribas asserts that he makes a painting without message, and when he says "it is this impression of eternity that seduces me in Mother Nature. An incredible strength", his simple expressionist landscapes bring the strength and hope we are all longing for in our life.

Denis Ribas, this generous and free minded Fauvist artist, paints the simple joy of nature.