From Catalan roots, Denis Ribas grew up on these wild lands that have devoted so manyPainters, Writers and other great artists. From an early age, after a few hours spent at the Beaux Arts of Perpignan with the painter Germain Bonnel, he learnt alone or with his father to understand and observe this Nature. We find in Denis Ribas, a curious alchemy between sport, literature, travel and respectful observation of nature.
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His approach is both exemplary and unique. It allows through its work to reconcile the individual with his environment. He paints exclusively outdoors on site, around the world and claims his expressionist influences and work based on the colors, contrast, and the strict observance of lights and shades.
His technique, his material enable him to reveal the authenticity of his paintings to the eye of the observers.
These looks and point of view define the purpose of his work.
The proof lies in this difficulty of signing his own paintings..
There is no message in his paintings except the one that each visitor will seek and give to Denis' Art.
Generosity, discipline, emotion, but also humility. Each painting is an outside look, an image writing. Just in a few colors thrown to the "others" on linen stretched by a local craftsman.
Denis Ribas is one with his work and Art, he remains the master, the decision maker. Passion is definitely elsewhere.
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