My Workstyle denis ribas

Denis Ribas painting may be characterized as loaded with energy, raw power and tenderness. No drawing stage precedes painting. The influences of fauvism and impressionism are obvious, with an astonishing emotional intensity. His style is intense, full of stamina, almost explosive. Once the painting achieved, signature is discrete, almost faded: "The artist is the one who, thanks to his perception, enhances beauty; I am just a painter who never knows what how beautiful is what I have just created".


The Landscape

As soon as the artist has selected the landscape, based on the different angles, hour of the day (importance of light), brightness and colors; he sets his rest and paints on linen in a single shot the landscape representation he has already imagined. Colors and tones come by themselves.


Relationship with clientsstyle denis ribas huile_fine_charvin 1 

Denis Ribas is eager to have privileged relationship with his clients. He is considering their opinions, since he believes that artistic assessment does not have to be a matter of professionals. A traditional gallery would not cater for such relationship. Denis Ribas is profoundly attached to this emotional link with his clients. Some of them have become big supporters and authentic friends. The Geurts family from Holland is an example of this special endeavor: in this family, each member supports Denis1 work, based on his/her own resources.