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Denis Ribas is  a landscape painter before anyting else. His style is very similar to that of Impressionism : painting only outside on site without retouching, and using pure colors applied with a brush. His chosen themes are Provence, and that of his Catalan origins : The Catalan landscapes of Ceret.


My Works

A lot of energy, power, but also tenderness define the paintings of Denis Ribas. There is never a drawing at the start of the design of a painting. A little Expressionism and Fauvism characterize his style, where concentration and  emotion are carried to their limits. His artwork is intense, vigorous and almost explosive. His signature is discreet and almost erased. As Denis Ribas would say : “The artist is the one who, via his vision, embellishes a single masterpiece. I am but only the painter who never knows the beauty of what he has just created.

peintre denis ribas
peintre denis ribas
denis ribas artiste en chine

About Denis Ribas

Even though Denis Ribas claims to make a painting without a specific message in mind, he says ” it is this impression of eternity that appeals to me in nature, an incredible force “; his simple landscapes and expressionist works allow everyone to perceive and feel this force, which gives hope and meaning.

Thus, Denis Ribas, a generous and free artist, paints the enjoyment and beauty of nature.

The Landscape represented

As soon as the Painter has chosen his motif, depending on the different plans, the time chosen (the light), the contrasts and the colors presented, he installs his easel and “layer” on the linen, and in a single go, he paints his interpretation of the landscape he has already created in his mind. The colors and the differences in tone come by themselves.

The Relationship with Potential Customers

There can only be but a privileged relationship between Denis Ribas and his potential clients. Denis takes their opinion into account because the vision of a  painting does not always have to be professional. It is this aspect that a gallery cannot offer him. The emotional bond with the customer is always very important to him. Some of them became sincere and unconditional friends of his work. The GEURTS family from the Netherlands is the best example of this.

Denis Ribas


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